Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will

Back in the real world after three days of writing exercises, workshopping and hanging around intensely creative people. In the real world, I'm battling a cold that sent me home early today, and trying to wrap my head around a lot of stuff going on at work. The next 12 months are going to be extremely interesting, work-wise. In a very positive, and positively exhausting, way.

Physically, I sure wasn't energized by the weekend, but my mind is in overdrive. All that creativity rubs off on me.

Here's some stuff I wrote this weekend.
- Three, four, sometimes five times a month, I spend the afternoon on top of the water tower, watching people through my telescopic sight.
(the above was the result of a writing exercise. And on some level inspired by a Strong Like Bear song)
- Dreams are the fragments of other worlds, trying to push through the veil of reality, to be born.
- For some reason, I always fantasized about dismantling that refrigerator.

I bring a lot of fragments and disjointed sentences back from Västerberg. Ideas, embryos, just words. The best stolen idea this time around was of a memory morgue (Livia's term), as in an actual morgue of memories, where they are dissected and autopsied. For what reason, I don't know. I might find out later. The other one was of a man that makes himself different people depending on who he meets (sort of Katti's idea). Both of them sound promising, at least to me.

Oh. I also learned that a crutch can look like it's been constructed by Heckler & Koch. Who knew?


EGE said...

Heh. This has nothing to do with what you wrote about, but I found it in a book I'm reading and thought you might enjoy (It was written in 1938, so it may not still apply, but here goes)...

"There is something in the handsome inexpressiveness of Swedish architecture and Swedish towns which suggests a very good-looking face without any eyebrows."

Just as a warning: she goes on about Sweden for a while, so I may chime in again with another nonsequitous quote if I find one I deem sufficiently amusing. Dig my big words.

(PS my word verification word to post this comment is "conan." Hm... Whoops! I waited to long to type it and it timed out. Now it's "prony." Which isn't a word, but ought to be.)

anders said...

About that second "stolen idea". It is kind already stolen. Ever see the Woody Allen mockumentary "Zelig"? Not that it really matters. There must be an infinita amount of ways you could put your own spin on those premises..

beardonaut said...

EGE: Since it's written in 1938, it must be correct *grin*

And I really like the expression "handsome inexpressiveness of Swedish architecture". But I do have eyebrows. Maybe I'm not Swedish...

Keep chiming in. And I do dig them big words.

P.S. Oooh. Conan. The librarian? And you need to find out/come up with what "prony" means. Do it. Do it now.

anders: Erm. You just wrote the Name That Shall Not Be Written. So no. Haven't seen it. And yes, I will put my own spin on it.