Thursday, April 2, 2009

Over the years, through good times and bad, through seasons of hope and change, she stood by me

Today I feel like Jeremy Piven, about 28 seconds into this clip.

Minus the joint. And the receeding hairline.

Today its ten years since she became Mah Girl. We're celebrating at a dear friend's 30th birthday party, and then spending the weekend in a hotel. Yay!


Johanna said...

Grattis!! häftigt! kram

ege said...


Onders said...

Tre veckor!! Tre veckor sen senaste inlägget. Herregud! Vad har du gjort med ditt liv under denna tid? Tre. Veckor. TRE VECKOR!! Det är inte KLOKT!

beardonaut said...

Onders: Jag har levt. Men snart ska jag ge mig in i det igen. Tror jag. Kanske. Möjligtvis. Tack.