Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomorrow may be hell, but today was a good writing day, and on the good writing days nothing else matters

I haven't written here in a month. No real reason, it just kind of happened. Inspiration has been running low, and I have been focusing on other things. My fiction writing has been suffering as well, though I have managed to come up with two embryos for stories for the workshop I hope to be part of next summer (one about time travel and JFK, and one about angels, kind of).

One of them was conceived and written today, aboard the train, using Laban, my new-ish laptop. Yes, of course laptops need names, don't be silly. The other one's called Lelle. He's in love with Mah Girl's laptop Lina. We were expecting a flock of little Palm Pilots or something, but alas, they're either saving themselves for marriage, suffering from reproductive problems or practicing safe sex. If they've gone religious on me, we'll be having us a laptop skeet shoot any day now. Just as long as they don't have an STD (Serial port Transmitted Disease).

Life has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs lately. Tuesday was one of the worst working days I've had, ever. Actually, maybe top ten or twenty crap days ever, regardless of work or other circumstances. The Friday before was also epically bad. Just horror show bad.

Then Friday, three days ago, I began three days of bliss. Barbecue on Friday with good friends and then a visit from Mah Girl's best friend over the weekend, which included beer, drinks, steaks, movies (some good, some disappointing, some sooo bad), pizza, more beer and Wovenhand live. Excellent.

Some kind of balance has been reached, then. I'm hoping the universe won't read this and decide to pummel me again.

I should go to bed. And I will, soon. I intend to write more often than once a month from now on. Here's hoping I will.


Hjorten said...

Snälla säg inte att "Laban" fick sitt namn från den usla serien.

ege said...

Fifth Element is one of Johnny's favorite movies. Secret code between us -- for just about anything -- is "beeg bada bang!"

P.S. Welcome back!

LadyM said...

Va!! Gillade ni inte Death proof? Den är ju asgrym!

beardonaut said...

Hjorten: det är från barnböckerna. Som i Lilla Spöket Laban.

ege: I think everyone who likes that movie, and is a good person, uses that expression to some degree. That and "they're not here" in a quivering Oldman-esque voice. And thanks.

LadyM: Den var...riktigt dålig. Inte engagerande överhuvudtaget. Huh.

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