Thursday, May 14, 2009

The mastermind always wants more. It's criminal nature

At home today. Feels like someone punched me with a blunt object across the right temple. My eye is more bloodshot than last night. I've felt the headache over the last few days, but dared to believe it wouldn't flare up again. I'm still hopeful, though I've slept a few hours today, the head is still throbbing and I'm still tired. Pointless. What evolutionary quirk decided that headaches were a good idea?

A side note (though not really). Six people answered this. There still has to be a few lurkers out there. Come on. What are you afraid of? Tell me who you are.

Male or female?
Where do you call home?
How did you discover the shows in my mind?
Have we met? Or be you a stranger?
What should I write more about?
Name a blog or three you think I would like.
Name a band I should check out.


Warpedeye said...

The fantasy land of nuffles and invisible mini-pigs
You spammed it all over facebook ;)
We have met, of course
You should write more focused, with a clear thread through a single post, not just random things that happened during your day. And hey, how about headlines that actually give me a hint of what the post is about? ;)
No blog to recommend
Check out Efterklang

beardonaut said...

I like the land you come from.

Ix-nay on the eadlines-day. Finding references to what I've written in other peoples' words is a big part of writing every post for me *grin* And yes, I shall try to write more focused.