Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heeeeere’s Beardo!

“Internet at home free workweek” was sort of a success. I was home sick two days, and couldn’t stay away completely. But outside office hours I was a good boy, and apart from the post below, which was sent from my phone, I didn’t write anything here at all. Yay for me!


Now, to be honest, if I were forced to go without Internet access or (horror of horrors) my cellphone for an extended period of time, I would probably freak out like Johnny here.

Hectic weeks ahead. All sorts of activities planned, from visits to our customer service to nerdiness to watching friends play live. On October 4th I’ll be playing some CDs when some other friends support M.A.N. Again, yay for me!

The mighty Come Sleep at KGB.
Jesper from Fingerspitzengefühl to the right.

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