Saturday, September 6, 2008


Once again, welcome to Like/Don’t like Saturdays.

beardonaut likes:
Hangover TV: How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Family Guy, The Amazing Race, Dead Fish, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. I’ve been awake for over 15 hours now, at least 13 of which have been spent on the couch, watching TV. I will continue to bask in TV's warm glowing glow.

beardonaut doesn’t like:
Hangovers. If I wasn’t suffering from it today, I would research the biology of it all, as outlined briefly here. Instead, I say good night.


Eva said...

Jag hoppas att du hade roligt iallafall :)

EGE said...

Since I love everything else on your TV list, I have to ask:

What the heck is Dead Fish?

(Yes, I know I could google, but I learned about Pushing Daisies from a blogger whom I trust and who was was willing to explain, so maybe I'll learn of something similarly good from you...)

beardonaut said...

eva: Väldigt! Inte lika bra som förra årets Las Vegas-temafest, men riktigt bra i alla fall.

ege: Dead Fish is a black comedy starring Gary Oldman, Billy Zane, etc. It wasn't great, but we had zero expectations so it was pretty cool. Odd though. And Gary is always a plus.