Sunday, September 7, 2008


As in “What would Vic Mackey do?”

We went to the movies today, to see Pixar’s new flick, Wall-E. All the Pixar movies except Cars are lined up in our DVD shelf, I’m an avid sci-fi fan and we’ve both been charmed by the trailers, so expectations were high. Without spoiling it for anyone, I can say that it wasn’t as brilliant as I wanted it to be.

I need to see it again though. Why? Because of the father-daughter combo next to me that just wouldn’t shut up. “What’s that?” “Why did he do that?” “Why is that thing glowing?” “What did he do now?” An endless stream of questions. I seriously considered going The Shield on their asses.

Instead, I told them to shut up. Once. It didn’t help. So I glowered and sulked instead. Very positive for my mental health.

I’m also considering applying the Vic Mackey brand of justice to our next door neighbor. She smokes like a chimney, and it’s starting to seep into our apartment. We’ve had to air out our bedroom lately before we go to bed.

But again, I won’t be kicking in her door, Smith & Wesson in hand. Instead, I’ll call our landlord tomorrow and complain. It’s the grownup thing to do.

Oh. On our way home we met a frog. Meet the frog.


Steelwheels said...

Var ni på föreställning med engelsk tal eller svenskt? Man tar helt enkelt inte med sig en liten unge som inte vare sig förstår engelska eller kan läsa undertexter på en film med engelsk tal. Vad kan någon av dem fått ut av det hela?

För något år sedan såg jag den tredje Pirates of The Caribbean-filmen på stora Sergelsalongen. Ett par platser från mig satt ett koreanskt par, turister. Eftersom tjejen inte vare sig kunde läsa svenska eller förstå engelska satt hennes kille hela tiden och berättade vad som hände. Tänk dig en konstig koreansk dubbning som man inte kan stänga av; förvisso lågmäld, men ändå otroligt irriterande.

EGE said...

Hello, Frogger! Hope you made it safely across the street!

PS I'm starting to think my word verification letters are secretly Swedish words. Smzaje -- add umlauts or a little thing above the a, and I bet it means something absolutely filthy.

beardonaut said...

steelwheels: Den engelska. Helt bisarrt. Och jag kan verkligen inte tänka mig den surrealistiska känslan av att få den översatt, in realtime, till koreanska...

Min värsta upplevelse var på någon av Harry Potter-rullarna, då en pappa satt och läste alla subtitles för sin son. What. The. Hell. Eller nej förresten. De störiga fjortonåriga tjejerna på The Ring var värre *rysa* Då fick vi biljetterna tillbaka.

ege: He did. Make it safely. At least across the bike path.

PS Smzäje. A new Swedish (egeish?) curse word. Excellent. DS

paddy said...

See, it's really annoying with the wrong kind of noise in the wrong place, yes? Perhaps if they had been wearing headphones it might have been easier to bear. ;-)

beardonaut said...

The difference is that in a movie theatre there's really only supposed to be one kind of noise. On the train, however, you need to just suck it up and deal with it.

mistlur said...

actually, in a theatre i expect to hear teenagers, kids or just grownups talk, laugh, fight, a phone ring and bags of candy being pierced in the most silent parts of the movie. that's why they invented home movie systems and 5.1 surrond, to eliminate those who couldn't tollerate the chaos.

yes, we are making fun of you. 'cause we like you.

beardonaut said...

I have higher expectations than you, then. Though I've had it proven otherwise time and time again.