Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any

Oh. I forgot. I talked about good manners, and forgot all about the bad. That's very much out of character for me. So here goes.

On Saturday I spent time with very good and very nerdy friends. Having finished the game we were playing, we went to the local pizza/pasta place to grab some food. As we sat there, outside, Triangles, Ribbed For Her Pleasure and I, waiting for our food, Triangles said: “That kid is peeing in the street”.

And he was. Peeing. In the street. While his father stood beside him, watching. For all I know urging him on. The thing is, this is a residential street with an assortment of stores and restaurants, and slopes down towards a bigger road. Sloping down = pee running down.

We ignored this. Tore into our food. Ten minutes passed. Then Triangles says: “That kid is peeing in the street, too”.

I turned around. Again, he was. Peeing. In the street. Another kid. Father by his side. What. The. Hell. Seems like the street in question was a urinal. Very nice.

Is there something I'm missing here? Is it something that parents do, allow their kids to pee in the street? Please tell me. If yes, then I have yet another reason to never have children. That would be reason 138, I think. If no, then I might need to go all The Locker on that street and figure out if it's something that happens there a lot, and investigate further. Then again, we're talking about children peeing in the street, so maybe I should just let it go...


Eva said...

Det handlar oftast om "Jag måste kissa NUUUUU!".

Har själv drabbats när jag hämtade en kompis son på dagis. Jag fick stå & skämmas medan han lättade sig vid stora vägen. Alternativet hade varit nerkissade kläder så det var bara att bita ihop.

Joel said...

You said there were a lot of shops nearby. Do they all have those signs on the front window that say "Restrooms are for customers/employees only"?

Maybe the people were tourists?

That is really, really weird though.

Anonymous said...

Something strange? For men..the whole world is their urinal ;-)

beardonaut said...

Eva: igen. Anledning till att inte ha barn.

Joel: using a shop's restroom isn't even an option here. But the restaurants tend to have those signs, yeah. They didn't seem to be tourists. And yes, it was weird.

Anonymous: so true.