Saturday, August 22, 2009

The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature

I'm not really a party guy, in the sense that I go out partying a lot. I like home. I like my couch. I like hanging out with Mah Girl. Without any alcohol involved. When I do want to party I prefer someone's home to going out, unless there are very specific circumstances. I'm picky. An entire evening out can be ruined by the wrong music. Yes, that's how shallow I am.

What really matters is what you like, not what you ARE like. Books, records, films, these things matter. Call me shallow, it’s the fucking truth.
John Cusack, “High Fidelity”

I don't go dancing. I don't like music that is typically danced to. Techno, trance, house, ebm, etc. I do like drum n bass, on occasion, but again. Picky. And not for dancing. For headphones, on rainy days.

Nemo enim fere saltat sobrius, nisi forte insanit

So when I do go out, it's either to a place that plays specific music, usually live, or with a group of friends. And while there are some places I really like to hang out (Lilla Hotellbaren, ftw!), the best parties tend to be at someone's apartment, house, hovel, hole in the ground and other words that begin with h.

The best revels I've been to start out sort of mellow and then build towards a crescendo, fueled by excellent people, the right amount of alcohol, good music and something intangible, a quality that can't really be defined, which permeates the party from the beginning or is simply created at some critical mass of partyness.

Over the years, there are a few parties, a few nights of excellence, that really stand out.

April 3rd, 1999. Started out at Quick Like A Snake's place, together with Erik XIV and Looks Like Jöback, with drinks and music. Quick's apartment was one of the focal points of my life from maybe 19 until 25 or so. A place of friends, laughter, music and endless games.

After a few drinks, Erik (whose name isn't really Erik, but he looks like Erik XIV according to some people) decided he and I should go out, for a reason that wasn't apparent then but became so later. We walked up to the horror that is Wickan. If you live in my old hometown, you know this horror. If you don't, count yourself lucky.

We went in, walked around a bit, he played some blackjack and lost, then moved on. I was confused at this point. Then we walked to Gabbe's, one of the sunkigaste sunkhak in Karlskoga at any given time. There we hooked up with his then girlfriend, Idaho, and her redhead friend.

The friend wore a Slayer tee and a TOOL long-sleeve, had a killer smile and only frowned a little at the fact that I was drinking an alcopop. We ended up kissing that night, and I skip-jumped home with Erik and Idaho when she had to take the bus. Almost ten and a half years later, I'm watching her type away at her own laptop across the room now. She still has a killer smile and wears TOOL tees on occasion.

And with this I realize that anything I write about other nights of significance would pretty much pale and fade to nothing. More on that some other time. I have to go hug Mah Girl now.


Emelie said...

So sweet :)

I need to thank you for your tip about "The terror". Such a good book!
I've read it and about 3 books about the Northwest passage afterwards.
My Pontus did the same, he's reading The Terror for the second time now.

Thank you.

Joel said...

I've tried explaining why music is so important to other people. Or why it annoys me when the place I'm eating in has a song stuck on repeat and why this honestly disturbs me.

"They" say that the sense of smell holds the strongest ability to recall. I might agree, except that music seems to make it easier to remember individual events instead of a general overall feeling. I can recall who wore a certain perfume when I smell it, but I can remember individual conversations and events when certain songs get played.

For some people, the music just becomes a part of the ambiance. For me, it is everything.

beardonaut said...

Emelie: I believe the word you're looking for is "Aaaaaww..." And no problem. It is a very good book. You should check out others by him, like "Ilium", which is followed by "Olympos". Some of the weirdest sci-fi I've read. I am eagerly anticipating reading his latest novel, "Drood". Too many things on the shelf right now...

Joel: Yeah, I know that feeling. I have a very hard time tuning out music, and my memory is also very much tied to music.