Sunday, September 13, 2009

Experience is the teacher of all things

Landed in New Zeeland two hours ago. Now sprawled on my brother's couch, winding down. Soon a shower and then male bonding over rugby and beer. Mmm...bonding...

Ten things I've learned/remembered over the past 36 hours.

1. People I know pop up in the weirdest places. This time it was Set Himself On Fire, so named after an incident involving a can of gas. He has been off my social radar for quite some time. Turned out we were on the same flight, so we reminisced a bit over food and duty free shopping before boarding.

2. 11 hours in the air was less uncomfortable than I thought, but felt longer than I had anticipated.

3. In flight entertainment is the best thing to happen to flights, ever. Six movies, or at least parts of six movies, were consumed over two flights. And episodes of House, Big Bang Theory and 30 Rock.

4. Wolverine really is a POS movie. Horrifying.

5. Kevin Costner can act. I tend to forget this in light of The Postman and Waterworld.

6. I am slowly moving towards being a video game nerd. The "upcoming games" feature in the Xbox magazine I bought for the flight has drool stains all over it.

7. The bed I slept in at the Kuala Lumpur Transit Hotel was the second hardest bed I have ever experienced, only eclipsed by the bed in Prague that felt like three slabs of concrete joined together cross-wise by metal rods that protruded a good inch from the bed.

8. H1N1 is a big deal in Malaysia. Seemed like every other person at the airport was wearing a face mask of some sort. No Outbreak suits visible, though I expect hordes of men dressed in them waiting in sterile rooms to bodytackles feverish travellers.

9. Shutter Island and Inception may well rekindle my faith in Leonardo de Caprio.

10. Jetlag is a gloriuos thing. Jetlag going east is even more glorious. I expect it to be even more glorious in a few hours.


Joel said...

I'm not one to believe in these sorts of things, but the most interesting story I ever heard to explain jet lag was that it was impossible for your soul to keep up with you while you were in flight. So it takes a few days for it to catch up with your body, and in the meantime you feel awful. Sort of like some kind of deranged carrier pigeon. The message to be delivered is; we still have not evolved to the point where our weak physical selves can compete with the speed of modern technology.

It's a bunch of bull, but I think it helps in some ways to have a somewhat poetic way of explaining why we feel like crap sometimes.

beardonaut said...

William Gibson wrote that in Pattern Recognition, though I don't know if its his idea, originally. Also, he writes that the frontal lobes actually shrink when you suffer from jetlag. I tried Googling that, but I haven't had the time to look through the links properly. Interesting if its true.

And yes, I like that too. Gibson describes the soul as "lost luggage".