Friday, September 11, 2009

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today

So I'm off today. The plane leaves at 1310, and I land in Auckland, New Zeeland, 36 glorious hours later. Happy happy joy joy at the trip, not so much joy at all that time spent in a metal tube with wings and crap air recycling systems, or three weeks away from Mah Girl, but still.

I will be hanging out with The Beardless One, as in my brother, and his girlfriend for two weeks. See some sights, gawk at nature, drink some beer, go cave-tubing and relax. Sweet. And then shopping for six days in Kuala Lumpur. And gawking at skyscrapers. Sweet again.

I aim at posting regularly here during the trip, but we'll see. The point is to experience, not photograph your experience or write about it, as a friend once put it. On some levels I see his point. We're all too busy chronicling or planning how to chronicle our lives that we tend to forget to stop and just enjoy.

I hope I can find some balance in that regard over the next three weeks. Because we all know I'm too much of an attention whore not to write while I'm down there.


eva said...

Se till att njut & hälsa till din bror.

beardonaut said...

Jag gör't. Han hälsar tillbaka.