Monday, September 28, 2009

Shopping malls exist on the inside only and have no exterior

Status report number one from KL.

This morning, 36 lovely degrees and 88 percent moisture. Beard + 88 percent moisture = epic fail. Around lunch, rain poured down in enough quantities to make little Malaysians run for the hills to construct Arks. Lovely.

The hotel is good. Certain parts, like my room, are kinda old, but not bad. Clean, all the comforts, good AC. A bunch of restaurants in the building. The room service menu looks mighty enticing.

Today I went a-huntin' for tailors, and found Fat Boy Tailors. Like it was made for me, eh? Then on to Berlaya Times Square, a massive shopping mall with a theme park in it. While sitting down for lunch I heard children screaming on the roller coaster. Scream, children, scream!

Fast food, Malaysian style

The plan is to go through two malls a day. My main problem will be to locate clothes. This ain't exactly an Extra Large country. My other problem will be managing not to spend to much money. Toys are everywhere.

If that ED-209 had been for sale, it would have been mine now


Steve Eriksson said...

Avundsjukan bubblar här i soffan.

beardonaut said...

Det är hela poängen med den här bloggen. Att frammana avundsjuka ;)