Friday, October 17, 2008

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is one of my favorite movie sites. It gathers reviews from all over the BBI and from American newspapers, and displays an average percentage (the Tomatometer) to give you an indication of how movies have been rated.

Some examples from their list:
- Toy Story. 100%, on 49 reviews. My 50th wouldn't change that one bit.
- Jaws. 100%, on 34 reviews. Again. No change.
- The Usual Suspects. 89%, on 45 reviews. The best movie experience I've ever had. Should be a hundred, but what do critics know?
- The City of Lost Children (La Cité des Enfants Perdus). 82%, on 33 reviews. The most visually stunning movie ever. A fairy tale for grownups.
- Fight Club. 81%, on 124 reviews. One of my favorite films, but still not much off what I would have said.
- 28 Weeks Later. 71%, on 173 reviews. POS. POS POS POS. So lame I don't know where to begin...
- Daredevil. 44%, on 202 reviews. This should have been a ten. Five. One. But then again, I can't be objective when it comes to childhood heroes.
- The Number 23. 8%, on 181 reviews. I thought this rating was very unfair after seeing the movie. But then again, I read a lot reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for this movie before seeing it, so my expecations were significantly lowered.

Can you find anything you really disagree with on their site?

I'm on their email list and get updates regularly. Today my eyes were drawn to the result for Max Payne. Zero. I repeat. Zero. So of course I had to go look. Turned out it was seven percent, but still. Seven. During the day it has gradually increased, and now stands at 15.

My favorite comment:

The film's best line sums up my feelings on it perfectly "Stay away from Max Payne." But they probably don't mean it the same way I do, huh?

Hilarious. I expect it to suck. I bet it could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. And I dare all of you to name a movie based on a video game that doesn't.


Johanna said...

hmm.. hmm.. Rickard and I say: Final Fantasy! Two of them: The spritis within and Advent children... we can't decide which of them is the best :)

Joel said...

You probably wouldn't count anime, so no. But the old animated street fighter movie is quite good.

Our hope lies in Prince of Persia. I mean, given its legacy as a game-to-movie adaption, it'll probably suck. But come on, a movie with both Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley in it? Call me intrigued.

beardonaut said...

johanna: I'm going to have to veto you on those...

joel: I don't count anime. Ever *grin* And call me intrigued as well.

Steelwheels said...

Vi hade den här diskussionen om bra filmer baserade på spel på jobbet. Någon av oss hävdade att Silent Hill-filmen är bra, och så även den första Resident Evil. Men jag vet inte om jag håller med.

Tydligen ska Daredevil Director's Cut vara mycket bättre än theatrical. Men jag har inte sett den. Har du?

Elektra ska vi inte prata om.

beardonaut said...

Jag håller med dig. Jag håller inte med. Har dock inte sett Silent Hill, men kommer nog heller inte göra det.

Har inte sett den, men har hört samma saker, att den ska vara mer komplett. Är dock skeptisk, men borde väl se den.

Nej. Den har jag inte ens sett och tänker heller inte se. Usch usch usch.

Martin said...

Super Mario med Bob Hoskins då? Och Roxette på soundtracket? Come on, that's good eatin'...

Det är faktiskt rent förolämpande att du har så rätt, med tanke på hur många filmer som ändå gjorts på ämnet.
Och när jag ändå uttrycker mig:

beardonaut said...

Ah, och John Leguizamo (stavar han så?) också. Ka. Ta. Strof.

Och tack, jag tar det som en komplimang. Och håller med om Zelda. Men inte om Eragon being "a good thing". Ironiker där.