Monday, October 6, 2008

The stories of my death are highly exaggerated

In response to EGE's question on my last entry, and just to dispel any rumours that might be flying around out there on the BBI (Big Bad Internet), I am not dead. The laptop, however, remains so. Though not really.

Without going into mind-numbing detail about all the trials and tribulations surrounding the laptop, I can say that I am not a happy camper, and that a CD with a new, proper OS is on the way from LG. I expect to be up and running sometime next week.

So. My absence is mostly due to that but also due to a general lack of time. I will be back, though.

And as an observation: scraping ice from the windows of the car on October 6th is not OK.


mistlur said...

first winter never comes, now it's too earlyy. can someone tell me when it's okay for seasons to change without complaints being made and end of world theories being made up?

EGE said...

Phew! About the not-dead thing, I mean. Not so much about the ice-scraping. Bleah to that.

beardonaut said...

mistlur: it will never be OK. Changes always means complaints. From some people. Somewhere. It's inevitable. And I always enjoy whining, and since weather is something I can't do anything about, I really enjoy whining about it *grin*

ege: Thanks. I quite enjoy not being dead.

mistlur said...

and i quite enjoy whining about whiners. we fit like a glove. :)