Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's alive, it's alive, it's alive! It's ALIVE!

Yes. The laptop is finally alive and kickin'. No channeling of thunderstorms or bodyparts from corpses needed. Instead, the undescribable voodoo that is a fresh OS from a CD.

I however, am only barely alive today. Last night began with a formal shindig, where we (as in The Company I Work For) gave out awards to the best sales people from the various companies we employ to sell our stuff. I wore a tuxedo. Yes, it's true. Pictures were taken. After food and some free beer and wine there, it was off to my brother's place for his going away party. He's spending a year in New Zeeland, starting Thursday. I'm not envious at all...

Various beverages where consumed. A good time was had. A shelf was destroyed. By me. I have Godzilla aspirations, and thought I would start off small-scale.

Today will consist of: fatty foods and couch potatoing (it's what I do best). Writing. If I can summon up some energy I might get around to installing some stuff on the laptop, but right now that looks very unlikely.


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Meh. De ligger ju uppe. Kolla innan du frontar så där ;)