Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another morning

Waking up to an empty bed has never been a good way to start my day. Though that is sort of an oxymoron, since I didn't wake up next to the bed, in which case it would have been empty, but in the bed, so it was not. But empty besides me.

Then up, brush, shower, dress, always in that order, pack the bag (laptop, iPod, book, breakfast, water bottle, umbrella - a talisman against rain rather than protection from actual rain), and walk to the train. The summer vacation season is upon us, so there's always a seat available.

Music shields me from the people around me. They should all have the sense to stay home when I go out. Today it's a mix of new and old, good and bad. There are so many bands out there that shouldn't have a record deal.

Changed from train to subway at the Central Station. I've changed the path I take from one platform to the other, so I don't pass The Locker anymore. Went by there with Joel a few weeks ago and it was still there. Always in use. A mystery.

Vacation season is even more evident at work. An eerie silence all through the office. Calm. An opportunity to get a lot done. Clear out the inbox and my desk, alleviate that guilty conscience. Instead I'm blogging. And writing a personal email. Oh well. There's always the afternoon...

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