Friday, July 18, 2008

Nostalgia. And metal.

If my head was screwed on right today, I would go all out and come up with alternative lyrics to “My favorite things”. But it’s not, since I indulged a little too much of some of those last night.

So. Nostalgia and music are on my top list of favorite things. I experienced both yesterday.

At lunch I asked for a “Fanta or another orangey equivalent”. And out came the Loranga. I haven’t had Loranga since…I can’t even remember. Forever. It tasted like childhood. I have this idealized idea of childhood as a magical time when nothing was complicated and an adventure hid behind every rock and tree. Stuff like this brings me back to those days.

Nostalgia in a bottle.

Then it was off to Club Distortion to play some tunes and watch man.machine.industry play their second show ever as a three-piece. Excellent, excellent show, and getting to hear I was the best DJ that ever played there (though I disagree about the term “DJ”) was a nice self-confidence boost. I choose to ignore the person saying I was the worst that ever played there. Iron Maiden fans. What do they know?

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