Friday, July 11, 2008

Not acceptable


On my way home last night, I went a-hunting for a muffin to bring home to mah girl. She's very particular about the kind of muffin she wants, and there were none to be found.

Blueberry? Check. Not acceptable. Raspberry? Check. Not acceptable. Banana? Check. Not acceptable. Vanilla? Nope. Chocolate? Nope.

That is not acceptable.

Today she messages me after a trip to the store. No muffins available there either. What the hell? What's going on? A muffin drought? This warrants further investigation...


Hanna Eat World said...

VA? Inte ens chokladmuffins???
Jag ska baka henne chokladmuffins med feeeetaste frostingen ever och då jäklar!

Batmanuel said...

Well, just what the hell kind of muffin IS acceptable?
I mean, every soul knows that chocolate is the be all, end all of muffinness.

beardonaut said...

Batmanuel: I think I may have been a little unclear... They didn't have vanilla or chocolate. They had the others. And yes. Chocoloate is the ultimate in muffinness.