Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have such sights to show you

I’ve been a fan of Clive Barker for quite some time. I can’t really say when I first saw Hellraiser, but the mythology it and some of its sequels portray remains my favorite horror mythology other than the RPG Kult, which is heavily influenced by Barker’s work.

Best. Villain. Ever.

Over the years I’ve read a few of Barker’s books as well, particularly enjoying The Great and Secret Show, Everville and above all Weaveworld. So I was kind of excited when I found Mister B. Gone at the bookstore, and it was four paperbacks for the price of three. A shopping spree ensued. I’m quite adept at sprees.


Mister B. Gone centers around the demon Jakabok Botch, who is bound into the very pages of the book the reader has in front of him. An interesting premise, which unfortunately became a POS – again, piece of shit – book.

The whole idea is that Jakabok (or Mister B.) speaks to the reader, urging him to “Burn this book”. Again and again and again. It gets old. Quickly. Then there’s the allusion to some Great Secret that will be worth the wait throughout the book. Let me find a word that fits here…yawn. Quite possibly the least exciting reveal ever. And it’s supposed to be a horror story. At least it says so on the cover, in several ways. The only horrific part was a description of snot dribbling down the main character’s face. Apart from that, it was all bland, boring, a sleeping pill. No horror, anywhere.

I do believe I will burn this book, not out of any desire to set Mister B. free, but rather to rid the world of this abomination.

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