Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting

I read an article today that people that snore have the equivalent of a full workout every night while they (we) sleep.

I'm not really one for working out anymore, so maybe I should give up snoring, on principle alone.

Back when I played football, I worked out three times a week. Went to an actual gym, strapped myself into contraptions the Spanish Inquisition would gladly have used on their victims (no, not a comfy chair), and did whatever it is people do at a gym.

Now I snore. Hell, I did then too, but no working out = more body fat = more snoring. Just the way it is. I need to do something about that body fat soon, and even though that has "New Year's Resolution" written all over it, that just won't happen. We had a Resolution this year, which was to go to the movies more often. We've been about twice a month, which is pretty good. However, that's about as far as I will go with a Resolution.

I need motivation to work out. And I'm not talking about some personal trainer screaming at me. Back in the football days, working out equaled hitting people harder, moving faster. I need that kind of motivation, some sort of goal that's more tangible than "feeling better".

So maybe snoring less is motivating enough? We'll see. The plan is to begin A New Life in 2009. The jury is still out on whether or not it will actually happen, but at least the intent is there.


Jesper Bylund said...

"Feeling better" is mostly a load of crap. What really keeps one working out is results. Actual changes to the body.

And those really aren't that hard to reach. The thing is we have to make a first pretty large step to get over that line most people quit on.

Put it this way, to really change we have to really change the way we live. Going to the gym isn't going to be interesting because it simply wont work. Get a plan for what your supposed to eat (NOT a diet plan) and a schedule for exercise. If you feel the difference in the first week, it's a hell of a lot easier to stick to it.

mistlur said...

actually, feeling better isn't all that crap. a good jog in the morning wakes you up better than coffee or coca cola or coke or whatever you use to start the day. worst way to start: frequent use of snooze buttons. they are the evil of this world and must be destroyed.

mistlur said...

and i did not think i'd have to ask for a blogpost on my present. but then again, you haven't even mentioned here that you recently enjoyed another one of those 30+ birthdays. :)

beardonaut said...

Jesper: Yes. Results is key, and it's not all about exercise. I need to shift my diet (not go on a diet, shift it) and start moving my big Orca body around.

mistlur: Yeah, except a jog would fuck up my foot, my shins, my knees. Etc. I need to start slow, which is part of the problem. Slow start equals small results. It's all about discipline, which is something I don't have when it comes to these things. So it's a real challenge.

I've never, and I do mean never, used a snooze button.

ege said...

Maybe you could start strangling terrorists instead of shooting them? Do they make terrorist-strangling games for Wii?

(Wivel. The act of repeatedly hitting the snooze button and not getting out of bed. "I spent like an hour wivelling this morning, and then I didn't have time to work out!" Wivel.)