Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I like the pretty lights

On my way home after a nerd session at a friend's place. We have come to the realization that we're quite happy with being nerds. Though geek might be a better term. Whatever.

Part of tonight was spent watching UFO clips of dubious origin on YouTube. This brought back memories of that time we saw UFOs from our friend Lars' balcony. We saw these curving lights slowly moving at the horizon and couldn't really explain what they were. Lars put on the soundtrack to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and we called SMHI, the Swedish weather service.

They couldn't explain it either, but asked us to call a guy at FOI who was quote interested in this sort of thing unquote. Now, I don't know about you, but I find the fact that a UFO nut works at FOI both appealing and disturbing. And highly amusing.

So we call him, explain what's going on, and he gets all excited. Tells us he needs to run outside to take pics, and will call us right back. Cue the X Files theme.

We didn't get any kind of explanation from the guy, because he was kind of confused and incoherent. But when he called back, he managed to convince us that it was a natural phenomenon. See how he moved from Mulder to Cigarette Smoking Man there, between one phone conversation and the next?

At one point in the conversation, the guy actually says "Is that Close Encounters I hear in the background?". Again, highly amusing.

Afterwards, we were all wondering when the men in black suits would show up to wipe our memories of the whole incident. Come to think about it, I haven't thought about that afternoon in a long time, so maybe they did...


ege said...

Um, do nerds do mushrooms?

(Kaybaste: a faux-Indian greeting roughly translated as "the light in me can so kick the ass of the light in you." Kaybaste.)

beardonaut said...

If the word "magic" (or indeed the word "do") is in front of it, then no. We weren't even drunk at the time.

beardonaut said...

And we need to greet each other "kaybaste!" should we ever meet.

ege said...

Hey! Happy birthday! Unless Facebook is lying?

(Sherrite. A little-known Islamic sect in which drinking is actually allowed, but only of certain types of Spanish wine. Sherrite.)

beardonaut said...

No, no, Facebook is right. As always... So thanks!