Saturday, December 27, 2008

Without a soundtrack, human interaction is meaningless

'twas a great party. They don't come along that often, those parties that seem to transcend expectations and morph into something else, some experience that words aren't enough to describe. Nor pictures, though I took over a 100. I do so love my camera phone.

At a quarter to two this morning, I was sprawled over a couch in Drickard's living room, happily singing along to Queens of the Stone Age. Around me, the party was slowly winding down. Not like last year, when it crescendoed around midnight and then mellowed out completely. This year it was more gradual, a more even level of energy throughout the evening, which only made it better.

Music was played. Beer was drunk. An extremely good time was had.

Favorite quotes from the party:
It's smoking that makes me hung over.
Nicklas tried to explain that his coming hangover wasn't due to the ten beers he had consumed, but rather the half dozen or so cigarettes he availed himself off during the night. Right...

Shit. You too.
Andreas I, as yet another Ghost of Childhood Pasts walked in the door.

You can't roll dice to determine when to drink. It's the little voices in your head that tell you that.
Mia, upon hearing some serious drinking games were taking place in the basement.

To describe the taste of Lars, I would use the word “aftershave”.
Erik, having licked Lars' cheek and ear, for reasons unknown.

Three rounds with The Cock is usually enough.
Can't remember who said it, but referring to the basement drinking game, oddly named The Cock (as in not “a rooster”, but rather a penis).

I tried to apply it to my wife. It went to hell.
Andreas K, while hearing the line “you speak when spoken to” from a song by The Editors.


Johanna said...

Ja jag måste säg att din mobilkamera är grym! Med min blir det bara sudd :)

mistlur said...

i know what you are thinking, but fact is smoking HAS an effect on a persons hangover. i should know, 'cause i had a clean year back in the days when smoking was still allowed in bars and clubs and i still had a hangover the next day. and i might be getting older and more hard headed, but i don't think hangovers are as bad as they used to be. your friend niklas has a piont. even though the ten beer he drank that night probably did their part as well for him.

ege said...

Are you kidding me? I don't even get drunk if I don't smoke. Okay that's bullshit, but it sure does take a lot longer to kick in...

(Lingess. This one's dirty. I can't define it here. Lingess.)

beardonaut said...

mistlur: My own hangovers haven't changed at all, except the ones I got when I didn't drink have disappeared. So I agree with you, but that's second hand smoking, when we used to be surrounded by a hundred people lighting up, though I do agree that smoking on your own helps as well (see below).

ege: Yeah, nicotine and whatnot probably does all kinds of interesting things to your body's ability to handle alcohol. Point is though, that he claimed he didn't get hungover if he didn't smoke. Which is just plain impossible.