Friday, December 12, 2008

This is the best meeting that we have ever had

I go to a lot of meetings. A L-O-T. My problem with that is if I have meetings from 8 am to 5 pm, I won't get squat done and my to do list will just keep growing.

"8 to 5?" you say. "What madness."

What can I say? I'm a popular guy.

I sat in on a two hour project meeting today. A very good meeting, though the Friday mood permeated the whole thing, and we went off on quite a few tangential discussions. None of which will be sampled below.

The best quotes/expressions from the meeting:

1. "Optical orgasm."
As in "This presentation is so good, it's like an optical orgasm". Note that he was hung-over. A brain marinated in alcohol works on different levels. PowerPoint never ever induces an orgasm, in any shape or form.

2. "Shorter gigabytes."
I can't even remember where that quote fit in. But of course, one gigabyte can be shorter than another. Right.

3. "Add that requirement to a separate list, cause we're cutting it later anyway."
See, part of a project's first phase is listing all the requirements that we have on that particular project. The quote above shows a very realistic view on requirement gathering.

Tonight, Mah Girl is off to a birthday party. I will spend the night watching football (as in "not soccer"), eating sushi and shooting terrorists. And sleep. Remains to be seen if I will be able to go to sleep early. Doubtful (he wrote and yawned).


ege said...

What football are you watching on a Friday night?

(From now on I'm going to type all my word verification words after my comments, along with made-up definitions. Ahem: gatienin -- a hormone, in reptiles, that enables them to do that funky wide-armed walk. Gatienin.)

beardonaut said...

No idea. A game I taped (though that would be wrong, and TiVoed would be wrong too. I recorded it on the hard drive on my dvd) from Monday. On Sunday nights there are games live I can watch, but most of the games they show during the week are at odd hours because of the time difference.

ege. Crazy and amusing woman who makes up definitions for fake words. ege.