Saturday, December 20, 2008

When the world is mine, your death shall be quick and painless

I had a birthday on Wednesday. If you'd cut me apart you'd find 33 age rings now.

People I know have had major crises when they turned 30. I mean, major. No crisis for me yet. Maybe at 40? A red sports car and hair plugs for my chin when the beard starts thinning out? No?

I used to celebrate my birthday in style. For my 25th, I had three bands and we partied from seven in the evening until six in the morning. Thanks for the after-party, Jouni and Ellie. Then I had live acts for two more years, then paused for two until I celebrated my 30th. Three times. With four sets from three bands at the biggest one, including an all-cover set from Lingua, where I got to choose the covers. Third best present I've ever had, after the NFL game my brother took me to, and what Mah Girl gave me:

This fantastic man graces our kitchen

It's been three years since, and I haven't really celebrated properly since then. This year, I snuck out of work at 3:30 in the afternoon, and we went to see Rock n Rolla. Good stuff. Then home for sushi and chillin' out. An excellent birthday.

The day before I got a notification I had a package at the post office (not post office really, the post desk at the local grocery store, the pathetic workings of which should be the subject of a whole 'nother post). I didn't really think much about it, since I had a whole bunch of stuff on the way in various packages from Amazon. So I didn't go and pick it up until Thursday, the day after my birthday.

“Happy mofo birthday, buddy” was stenciled in thick magic marker over a long cardboard package. “From your friends in Rågsved”, it continued. This is when I realized Misha was involved. Sneaky Misha, who had hinted at having found the perfect gift for me a while back.

So now we need to set a date for playing Family Guy Monopoly. What the deuce?!? Giggity, giggity, giggity! Thanks to my friends in Rågsved!

Misha playing grownup Tetris

Hanna sipping a cold one at her own birthday party

"What? Who? Me? No no, I'm just hangin' out with Pingu."


ege said...

On my 30th (which you don't want to know how long ago that was -- though I feel obliged to point out it hasn't been ten years yet), One Friend and I went to see Rocky Horror. We used to work there when we were young and beautiful, and we thought it would make us feel young and beautiful again. It made us feel old and ugly. And also , singularly unpierced. Sheesh. When we were young a beautiful, tattoos were rare.

(Focklin. Oh, seriously? Now that's just too easy. Focklin.)

mistlur said...

haha, and you can really see me flourish in my natural habitat playing that grown up tetris.

and i do believe your mild midlife crisis (who lives longer that 60 anyway?) shows in your enthusiasm over such childish things as family guy monoploy. but if that is true, then it's also true mine has begun before my 30's, because we NEED to set a date for a monopoly off!

once again, happy birhtday, amigo! in march, the party is on me. but for me. my 30th. it's getting wet already. have those russians ready. over and out.

Hanna said...

Kul att du gillade det! Grattis!!

beardonaut said...

ege: "unpierced" is a good word. I went to see Rocky Horror back when I lived in the States. It was a very odd experience.

mistlur: That might be, but then I've had a midlife crisis since I was eight. Which is ah-ok by me.
We're back on the 28th, so anytime after that and before the 7th, really. I have some plans here and there, but not much. Let us know.

Hanna: Tack oh tack.