Saturday, December 6, 2008

Psychos will always be psychos. They don’t need video games to help them

No, this won't be a rant *points to headline* I have a question. I want answers. And motivations.

The question: Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

I'm buying one of them, probably, but which one?

What you need to know:
I like first person shooters, so it has to have good first person shooters. I'm not much of a sports or racing game person. Or complex roleplaying games either, for that matter (the video game kind at least). Though I'm open to change.

So I want opinions, and motivations. Why should I buy whatever it is. Xbox or PS. Let the commenting commence.

Oh. And there's no reason to mention Little Big Planet. I know already.


Johanna said...

Ja du känner juh tv-spelsnörden Rickard, både han och jag skulle säga PS3! Och min enkla anledning är att den helt enkelt är snyggare :)

Warpedeye said...

Xbox 360, only for two reasons:

* Bigger games library (since it's been on the market longer)
* Xbox Live Arcade. Shure, the PS3 has the Playstation Network, but XBLA has way more games. Want classic, old-school arcade fighting games? Buy them online directly from the console. How about cheap, mindless and fun shooting games with co-op? Same thing. Plus, you know: game trailers, game demos and the like (PSN has this as well)
* Xbox Live. Probably not a feature you want, but XBL is an excellent way to play online with friends. PS3 does the same thing, just not as smoothly (but they're getting there)
* It's cheaper.

As far as games goes: just about all third-party games are released for both consoles. When it comes to the few brands that are actually exclusive to either the 360 or PS3, I'd say they're on equal footing.

Warpedeye said...


The PS3 has a built-in Blu-Ray player, which might be nice for hi-def movies.

Either way, they're pretty similar to the end user (die, fanboys, die!) and you'll be happy whichever you choose.

Steelwheels said...

I agree with Warpedeye an all points. I am, quite obviously biased, but here's another aspect to it: Third-party games are more often than not developed on the Xbox 360, and it was a long time I read a review that stated that the PS3 version looks and plays better than the 360 one.

My opinion is that the console exclusive games are better for Xbox 360 than the PS3 - shooters, platformers, puzzlers...

But then again, I am biased.

Steelwheels said...

Also, if you decide on an Xbox 360, I'll give you a copy of Fable II as a little "welcoming present".

Häger said...

Hey how about stepping out of the box and do the unconventional, bye a Nintendo Wii ! like me ;-)

beardonaut said...

Johanna: jag tror din argumentation körts om av de under dig ;) Men tack! Jag är lite småkär i Little Big Planet också...

Warpedeye: Exactly what I was expecting from you, not regarding content but rather how well thought through it was. Kudos. And I can't help but smile since you wrote "two reasons" and then listed four.

Steelwheels: See above. Except for the two vs four reasons then. And thanks, I will take you up on that if I go with the Xbox.

Häger: But then I would have to get up out of the couch and actually move around, and that just won't do.

Eva said...

Jag håller med Johanna. PS3 rockar. Förstår jag att Little Big planet lockar. Sen är jag mer förtjust i Playstations handkontroller. Tycker de bidrar till en bättre spelupplevelse än 360:n, men det är väl en smaksak.

Enligt Fred spelar det ingen roll eftersom det finns bra first shooter spel till båda konsolerna men personligen föredrar han PS3.

Nils said...

Denna avgjorde saken för mig :)

Blev en 360 tillslut...

Jesper Bylund said...

Jag skulle utan tvekan säga PS3. De som hävdar att XBLA skulle vara bättre än PSN har antagligen aldrig kört PSN. Skillnaden är jävligt marginell.

Men det här är egentligen fel sätt att köpa på, båda maskinerna är tokbra, båda har skitbra spel. Kolla istället på 2 saker: vilka spel skulle du köpa som finns IDAG. Vilka spel skulle du vlija köpa som släpps inom 6 månader.

Den med flest av dessa spel vinner.

Anonymous said...

The platform you want to play with friends is probably the best one.
Looking at it like I have (a PC gameing nerd) I went 360, since all people I know who have or has had a PS3 has sold it since they have "no freinds" to play with.


beardonaut said...

Eva: åsikt noterad. Och Freds väger ju tungt, med tanke på hans nördstatus ;)

Nils: check.

Jesper: Good points. Jag ska kolla.

G (as in Johan or someone else): Thanks for the input. Something to think about.