Tuesday, January 13, 2009

53 questions

Hanna did this list on her blog, so Mah Girl and I decided to pass the time and do the same list. Now go do it.

1. How old are you in five years?
38. Two years away from a red sports car.

2. Who did you spend two hours with today?
Mah Girl. We've lounged in the couch, watched West Wing, feeling sorry for ourselves (me cause I feel like crap, Mah Girl cause she's dreading a school thing tomorrow).

3. How tall are you?
179.5 centimeters. That .5 of a centimeter is important.

4. What is the latest movie you saw?
The Mist. It sort of plodded along until the end, which is by far the darkest ending I've ever seen. Spectacular.

5. Who did you last call?
My boss.

6. Who called you last?
A guy from work, with some question. Really, they can't get through the day without me (a lie, really, but a fun lie).

7. What was in the last text message you got?
"Oj. Tack så mycket!" (in English, "Wow. Thanks a lot!"). From a friend we're taking to the Eagles of Death Metal gig on March 7th for his 30th birthday. Which was several months ago.

8. Do you prefer calling or texting?
Texting, anytime. I do enough calls at work.

9. Are your parents married or divorced?

10. When was the last time you saw your mother?
December 28th.

11. What color are your eyes?

12. When did you wake up today?
0800, when the alarm went off. Still ill, so no point in setting it at 0600. Though I will try and see tomorrow.

13. What's your favorite Christmas carol?

14. What's your favorite place?
Anywhere where there are people I really like, in a good mood. Often, it's our living room. During my winter vacation it was the Christmas Day party. Etc. If we're talking travels, I'll go with New York, every time.

15. What's your least favorite place?
Hospitals. I get nauseous just walking into a hospital. My personal hell will no doubt be a hospital.

16. Where do you think you'll be in ten years?
No idea. The telecom business is very dynamic, so who knows where I'll be? Hopefully in Stockholm, hopefully in a nice apartment (I vote "NO!" when it comes to living in a house). If we're talking dreams, then I'll be a published fiction writer. Though that probably won't happen.

17. What used to scare you at night as a child?
Nightmares about falling. Nowadays it's the fear that I left the stove on or the fridge open.

18. What's the last thing that really made you laugh?
Toby Ziegler, on West Wing. We laugh quite a bit, Mah Girl and I, but at things you people wouldn't understand.

19. How big is your bed?
200 centimetres by 160.

20. Do you have a desktop or a laptop computer?
Laptop, both at work and home. I probably won't go back to desktop, and I'm contemplating a new, smaller laptop.

21. Do you sleep with or without clothes?
Briefs only. Oddly enough I use boxers during the day. It's one of my (many) quirks.

22. How many pillows do you have in bed?

23. How many provinces ("landskap" in Swedish) have you lived in?

24. Which cities have you lived in (though "cities" is incorrect, I can't think of a better word)?
Sundsvall, Karlskoga, Eskilstuna, Stockholm. That would be four.

25. Do you prefer shoes, socks or knitted socks?
Socks. Shoes when I go outside. Sandals at work.

26. Are you a social person?
Yes. A friend has told me I suffer from oral incontinence.

27. What's your favorite ice cream?
There are so many. But I'll narrow it down to a tie between Ben & Jerry's Half-baked and the half litre vanilla with crushed chocolate from GB.

28. What's your favorite food?
Lasagna (yes, I'm Garfield).

29. Do you like Chinese food?

30. Do you like coffee?
Hell no. It's more evil than Sideshow Bob.

31. What do you drink for breakfast?
Water. Sometimes tea. Sometimes juice.

32. Which side do you sleep on (unclear if this is which side of the bed or if it's about in which position I sleep, so I'll go with both)?
I always sleep on the right side, viewed from the foot of the bed. It is the way it always has been, is and will be. As to positions, I tend to sleep on my side, but either works. If I fall over on my back it's not long before a kick encourages me back on my side...

33. Do you know how to play poker?
Texas Hold'em, yes. I'm not an expert, hell, maybe not even a novice, but I have a grasp of the basic rules.

34. Do you like cuddling?

35. Do you want children?

36. What other languages than Swedish have you studied?
English and German. The German is basically gone.

37. Ever been in an ambulance?
No, knock on wood.

38. Do you prefer the sea or a pool?
I'm not much of a swimming person, but if we're talking swimming, definitely a pool. But I like the sea too, for completely different reasons.

39. What do you prefer to spend your money on?
Superficial things. CDs, DVDs, boxes of TV shows.

40. Do you own expensive jewellry?

41. Who's the funniest person you know?
Mah Girl.

42. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Nope. But there a few of these scattered around the apartment. And a few others.

43. What's the closest thing to you right now that is red?
Mah Girl's hair.

44. Do you flirt a lot?
I have no idea how to.

45. What was the latest book you read?
"Blackwater: The rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army" by Jeremy Scahill. Scary stuff. My creative writing teacher told me he doesn't read stuff like that because it just makes him more paranoid. It's true. But that just means more people should read it. There are lots of things going on in this world that we should be more knowledgable about.

46. Do you read a daily paper?
Yes. Metro, every day I'm on the train.

47. Do you subscribe to a magazine (the question was really for a "veckotidning", but I chose to ignore that)?
Yes. Wired.

48. What radio station did you listen to last?
I wake every day to a classic rock station, don't know which.

49. What did you scribble down on paper last?
Probably something at work. I use my phone for private notes, grocery lists, etc.

50. When was the last time you were in church?
Either at Mah Girl's grandmother's funeral or at the baptism of a friend's son. Not sure which month was which.

51. Who was your favorite teacher in "högstadiet" (which is grade 7 through 9 in Swedish school)?
Arne, the chemistry teacher. He had a penchant for settings things on fire or blowing things up. He used to caution us about the dangers of acids, and how you should run water over your skin for at least ten minutes if you got some on you. Then he splashed acid over his hand and wiped it against his lab coat.

52. What's the longest period of time you've lived in a tent (as in camping)?
Six days, while doing my military service. Camping is more evil than coffee (see above).

53. Who did something extra special for you last?
Mah Girl, who did the dishes when it was my turn. Oh the joy.

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ege said...

53 is a lot of questions...

(Pregasp? Isn't that the little "tut" noise you make with your tongue before a sharp intake of breath?)