Tuesday, January 6, 2009

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one

Today we were visited by a bearded friend and his charming offspring, Una. Cinnamon rolls were eaten. Pixar characters went to infinity and beyond on the TV screen. The view from our living room was commented excitedly and unintelligibly. R2-D2 was the prime suspect in a water attack in the kitchen (though Mah Girl was the architect of that particular atrocity, not the child).

A grand time was had (I hope) by all.

I'm not having children. Ever. At 33 years old, I can say that with a fair amount of certainty. It's not for me. With that said, I need to clarify that I in no way, shape or form judge or look down from my oh so high horse on those that have chosen to have children. It might be for them. I know it's not for me. I know I have seen many examples over the years where people shouldn't have had children. And a handful where it was really the right thing to do.

Why aren't I having children? Hard question that. One that I have pondered a lot over the years. And not one I'm going to answer in detail here, since most of the reasons are private, and frankly, this here blog ain't about exposing stuff I want to keep private, but about writing when I feel like it, for me and anyone else that thinks it might be interesting. But I do have answers, and answers I feel comfortable with. If you feel like getting into them with me, let me know. We just might.

Tomorrow off to work after sixteen days away from the office. Sixteen glorious, much needed days. I feel mentally rested, though I shouldn't have stayed up late the last couple of days, to adjust to getting up at six again. Oh well. It was worth it. 104 episodes of The West Wing in 15 days. Not a joke.

And there's the answer to the question. I can't let one of those small, bi-pedal entities with almost human brains get between me and my TV shows *grin*


LadyM said...

You´re not alone.
Även om jag inte känner att anledningarna är jätteprivata så kan jag inte yppa dem hur som helst då jag vet att så många skulle ta illa upp och det vill jag inte. Det gör mej så frustrerad.

mistlur said...

we did have a lovely time over at your place. to me, your company is always apreciated. to una, ice cram is always apreciated. we both got the best of your world.

don't go thinking i took offence by your "some shouldn't have babies"-speach, but i used to be just like you. i was all a) the world don't need more of them b) i don't like them c) you should have to get a licence to have them (since you have to for driving cars and babies are even more respinsibility). but then, things happen. and now i can't imagine a world without my Una. i can't understand where the change came. i just know it did.

but one thing stays with me though: some shouldn't have kids. nowdays though, the bar has been raised. i understand why parents don't answer their kids, why they scream at them in supermarkets or why they at times look as if they regret ever getting kids. it's a hard, unpaid and ungrateful work. most times it's all worth it, other times (when sleep har been left out of the pictures for a coulple of days) it's not (though we often won't admit to feeling that).

exacce - part accuracy, part exageration.

ege said...

I just wish the world at large would agree that it's okay for some married couples to choose not to have children. I swear to god, the next time someone asks me if I'm not afraid of growing old and having no one to take care of me, I'm going to say First of all, I hope you had your kids for some other reason than to provide eldercare, Second of all, thanks so much for your good wishes on the long life of my husband, and Third of all, fuck off!

(Heninta -- actually pronounced HEE-nin-tay -- a kerfuffle before the swinging starts.)

beardonaut said...

LadyM: Jag skiter ärligt talat i om folk tar illa upp. Mitt val, inte deras. Men visst, det är inte precis så att jag diskuterar det med min mamma...

mistlur: Ah yes. Ice cream. One of the cornerstones of my world. And I wasn't implying you would take offense. I know you're openminded enough not to care.

ege: Me too. And me too. One of my favorite jokes, which could be applied to child births as well: "My elder relatives used to pinch my cheeks at weedings and say, Aaaaw, you're next. So I started doing it to them at funerals."