Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The problem with troubleshooting is that real trouble shoots back

I can't think of a more manly way to spend the night than how I've spent this one (that doesn't involve actually building something with your bare hands, that is, which just ain't gonna happen).

In the Xbox, Gears of War. By men, for men, with men. And huge frackin' guns. An orgy in aliens, blood, spent shell casings and testosterone.

That'd be me on the left. Taking cover like a real man.
Soon I'll upgrade my puny gun to a Penis Enhancer.

On Spotify, to go with the macho warfare, some Testosterone Tunes. This is music I can't listen to in the car, cause I'll drive too fast.


ege said...

Oh, crap. And here I was thinking you might be all Oboundu.*

*Oboundu: (I swear to god) the word you V-man gave me on this day.

ege said...

CRAP! Should have said "your V-man."

I'm a little drunk.

Jesper Bylund said...

Good for you. Testosterone is awesome.

Btw, since you've found Frou Frou and Imogen Heap now you'll love this Swedish duo:

I hate the talented bastards...
Both their albums are available free from artymove.com