Monday, August 18, 2008

As me and my companions was setting out a snare

I spent a pleasant evening at a friend’s today. As always, topics discussed varied wildly, and there’s not really any fixed conversational path we walk down. I like that.

Today, the most fascinating topic, which wasn’t discussed at any length, was number stations. This is where we cue the X-Files theme song again. Sooooo cool. And quite geeky as well.

And oh yeah. I linked to Freud the other day. I was really aiming for this. Turns out Mah Girl knew exactly what I was looking for, even when I didn’t know myself. That’s often the case.

I shaved my head this weekend. I’ve sported a Mohawk in various configurations for a while now, but got fed up and took it all off. “You look weird”, Mah Girl said. I’m used to that verdict when I change my hair or beard. However, this time it went one step further. Behold:

Female colleague: “You look weird.”
Me: “I think I look nice.”
Female colleague: “What does Your Girl think?”
Me: “She thinks I look weird.”
Female colleague: “Look at it this way. Are you going to have sex with her or yourself?”

Now where did I put that Mohawk? I should be able to glue it back on, right?


Joel Eklund said...

The answer to your colleagues question is always:

EGE said...

Wait. You had a mohawk and a beard? A full beard, or just like a goatee? Cuz if it was a full beard, then I think you deserve some kind of prize, because I do believe I have never seen that particular combination of hairiness before.

P.S. You look weird.

beardonaut said...

Joel: true.

ege: Yes. There was hair sticking out from all sorts of places on my gigantic head (it has it's own gravity well). And I do deserve a prize. I just might post a pic or two soon, too.