Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Norwegian Blue prefers keeping on its back

A colleague called me today as I was on my way home from work and started the conversation with:

“This is kind of an odd question, and I thought of you…” Presto! Instant attention.

“You know all sorts of odd people…” There was a degree of hesitation to his voice, as if he was about to ask me something very strange. I do know some odd people, and may be categorized as odd myself, at least by some, but I think that some people I work with tend to exaggerate the oddness of my social circles.

And then, came The Question.

“Do you know someone that owns a parrot?”

Ehm…crazy person says what. What?!

A parrot. A known associate of bearded metalheadz everywhere

Why would I know someone that owns a parrot? To me, parrots are the pets of old ladies, who feed them nuts and say “Who’s a pretty girl?”. Wait. Maybe that does fit some of my friends…

Thinking about it now, I’m kind of flattered. He had a problem and figured I knew someone who had the solution to that problem. I choose to see myself as a facilitator here, someone who does know a lot of people, as opposed to someone who specifically would know someone with a parrot.

Yarr, mateys!

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mistlur said...

doesn't parrots feel like the pet of the 80's? kids of today want pitbulls or rats.. sorry, chiwowowowas (not sure 'bout the spelling). it feels like the parrot moved home as the wave broke and grunge moved in.