Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some great urban voodoo

OK. This is getting cree-he-he-heeepy. Earlier I pointed out that I had three headers starting with “A”. The last three headers begin with the letter “B” *cue stunned silence from readers, segueing into the X Files theme*.

Should the trend continue, I need one more header after this one not beginning with a “C”, and then three in a row starting with a “C”. Suggestions?

Further reference to the header: I recently finished The Best Book Ever. For the third time.

I’ve been quite the William Gibson fan since first sinking my teeth into Neuromancer (which is now required reading in some English college courses here). For those of you that don’t know, he coined the term “cyberspace”, and is considered one of the most influential science fiction writers currently active.

However, with Pattern Recognition, and more recently Spook Country, he has moved away from sci-fi, and into some sort of pop culture pornography thrillers. Pattern Recognition centers around Cayce Pollard, who works as a cool hunter for various clothing labels and is sometimes called in to determine whether a new logo for a company will work or not. She’s always right. In her spare time, she posts on a website dedicated to odd snippets of movie footage found hidden in various corners of the Internet.

I won’t say anything else. No spoilers. Read it. When I feel cocky about my own writing, I read the first page, which is available here, under “Excerpt”. The language is so good I go numb.

For more pop culture porn, check out Gibson's blog. Now, back to meatspace.


EGE said...

"Like city lights, receding." Right?

(Oh, and by the way, I would have commented on your last post (and I would have agreed with you) but everyone was speaking borgee-borgee, and I felt like I'd be butting in.)

beardonaut said...


And here I was thinking it was horgee-borgee, and then borgee-borgee, when in fact it's "Bort bort bort!", which in Swedish is "Away away away!". I need to research this further. Did you know there's a Muppet Wiki? I love teh Internet.

EGE said...

Hey! I heard you get to name your kids whatever you want now. Congratulations! How 'bout Horgee Borgee?

Joel Eklund said...

"Now, go back to meatspace."
But I'm a (semi-)vegetarian! Can I go to the woods instead?

beardonaut said...

ege: Yeah, I'm stunned that the authorities took the time for such a monumental decision. Wo..hoo?

Joel: Nope. Meatspace or bust.

Batmanuel said...

Well, you can't ever go wrong with THE c-word, now can you?
I've added Pattern Recognition to my immediate to-read list. Thanks-o!

beardonaut said...

No, indeed you can't. And you have an excellent nick, by the way.

Ellie said...

1: jag röstar för att du fortsätter med alfabetet. tyvärr har jag inga förslag.

2: kanske måste läsa den där boken :-)

3: Det finns en låt "Failure" med Swans, med ett textstycke som Jouni bara ÄLSKAR, och han brukar säga att när man hör det så vet han att han inte är en textförfattare. Det påminde mig om dig och William Gibson :-)

Texten går såhär:

Some people live in hell
Many bastards succeed
But I. I've learned nothing
I can't even elegantly bleed

beardonaut said...

1. Det har redan havererat...

2. Ja. Och på engelska.

3. Tack! Bra text. "elegantly bleed" var sjukt snyggt.