Thursday, August 14, 2008

The god of lost socks

That age old question. Where do the socks go when you do laundry? I’ve definitely had it happen to me, doing laundry with an even number of socks and ending up with an uneven number. One of life’s great mysteries.

Yet another victim of the Lost Sock Monster.
I considered a chalk outline on the corridor floor.

I derailed my boss from a work discussion today. A colleague started talking about the fine print on one of our ads, and they were standing right next to my cubicle (yes, I am that kind of wage slave). I couldn’t help myself. I looked over and said:
“That kind of reminds me of how they voice the fine print for ads in The Simpsons. You know, how they say ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ in the ad, and then the voice adds, hyper fast, ‘satisfaction not guaranteed’?”
“Yeah!” he said, all excited. “My favorite episode is…” And off he went. We discussed Simpsonsania (it’s a word) for a few minutes, and then he went off to get coffee. The colleague gave me his Tired Look, for stealing the boss man’s attention. Simpsons discussions trumps fine print talk, any day.


Anonymous said...

Aparently, you have a Good Boss™.

Also, I remember Ren & Stimpy finding the dimension of lost socks once, but damned if I can't remember how...

beardonaut said...

Yes, that I do have. It makes working so much easier.

I may need to research that. Though that mystery has beaten better men than me...