Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bless them all with reason, and this is what they choose

For a long time I’ve been of the opinion that at least 50 percent of everyone are useless. Not adding anything useful to the gene pool, basically. Note that this has nothing to do with race or gender or color. Recently I’ve revised that opinion to an even higher percentage. And tonight I’ve had it confirmed. Again.

I’m not a big believer in the inner goodness of mankind. I don’t think that nurture alone creates the monsters that move among us, the soldiers that rape the villagers, the Russian that eats his victims. There’s some fundamental flaw of nature in those that commit the atrocities that we read about every day, but at the same time I believe we all have the capacity for deadly violence within us, under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Humans are not nice. Period. Anyone that believes anything else is deluding themselves.

And yes, I might be a bit harsh here cause I’ve had a shitty day, and I’m upset over the fact that some ass clown decided to place a sharpened wooden stake in the water at a beach here in Stockholm. Two choices as to who the perpetrator is, according to the news anchor. Either a psychotic adult or boys “playing a prank”. What? Prank? No no no. Anyone that sharpens a stake and places it so people diving into the water can impale themselves on it is lacking that basic humanity.

Yes, there’s a darkness in the depths of us, some primal urge that can manifest itself physically if we’re cornered or someone close to us is threatened in some extreme way, but that fight reflex is not what we’re talking about here. These are damaged people, with some integral part of their soul removed, and that damage has probably been enhanced by (a lack of) nurture.

So what I’m saying? No idea, really. Just ranting. Venting. Writing. The whole point of this blog is for me to start writing again. Which I have. If at the same time I can vent some frustrations and thus become a more balanced and harmonic human being, then all the better.

Now, pillow time. Please comment. This is a subject I feel strongly about, and I hope some of you do as well.


Spike said...

Kan inte hålla med om att mänskligheten är helt förtappad. Dock tror jag att man hela tiden gör val som avgör vilken typ av männsika man blir. Och att göra valet att försöka göra sommarbadare till kebab är ett ondskefullt ett. Den/de som gjorde det gav upp sin plats hos resten av oss. Och förtjänar inget mindre än spöstraff på torget.

För är inte ett samhälle byggt på att man helt enkelt beter sig?

beardonaut said...

Säger inte att mänskligheten är förtappad. Menar bara att en stor del av den inte tillför något, även fast de kanske skulle kunna, samt att jag tror att miljö inte svarar för alla hemskheter, utan även natur. Klassiskt psykologisnack, natur vs miljö, nature vs nurture.

Och ja, det är exakt vad de förtjänar. Och ja, det är precis vad det är byggt på.

Joel Eklund said...

By your post, it's as if you see the basic core of human as defined by darkness, and the "humans are not nice, period," also implies that you see us as less than good on some basic level. I'd disagree with this, and argue why we even have to try to define humanity through their core when good is still good even if it comes from outer layers; but I realise that this isn't about rationality, but rather (as you said) about venting and ranting.

And of course, pure punishment is still only a reactive measurement, and does nothing to improve the future, but only strokes the justification of those apalled by the crime ;)

I'll agree that behaviour like that is fucked up, and leaves me with a queasy feeling in my tummy (the human core, perhaps?).

Also, I have to learn how to write shorter sentences. Seriously.

beardonaut said...

Yes, it was a rant, though with a core of rational thought to it. More about that in a future post. Thanks for the feedback.

mistlur said...

genom att inte se till människans dåliga sidor, trotts pålar, låter man inte förtappade människor vinna. de vill att man ska lida som de gjort, men om man inte ger med sig så kan de inte vinna. men det är långt lättare sagt än gjort.

känns inte hela senaste batman-filmen lite relevant i detta ämne?

beardonaut said...

Jag håller inte med. Man måste se människans dåliga sidor, och göra något åt dem. Eller åtminstone gnälla om dem ;)

Den är väldigt relevant, på så sätt att den stöder min tes om att mörkret finns i oss alla.