Saturday, August 30, 2008

Even a really close shave won’t make me a Medium

Right-oh. This is inspired by both missTV (she has “Song of the Week” every Sunday) and ege (who has recurring themes at least twice a week).

Welcome to Like/Don’t like Saturdays.

beardonaut likes:

It goes without saying that I like beards. I like it on me, I like them on others, I take pictures of my beard with other beards. I am a beardonaut (for those of you that don’t get it, that’s –naut, like astro, but with a beard instead of space) suffering from beardomania.

So on Thursday I went to a barber for the first time ever. Not a hairdresser, mind you, but a barber. There’s not an abundance of them here. Extensive Googling yielded three. I settled on Barber & Books.

Now this is what a barbershop should look like.

The place is, quite literally, a paradise for beard nerds. As a friend commented: “Too bad I don’t have a beard anymore, cause it seems like you could go crazy with all sorts of shaving paraphernalia.” So true, and all that paraphernalia is available at Barber & Books.

I spent about 40 minutes having my beard trimmed. It went from “massive goatee with bushy sideburnsy things” to “full beard” under the barber’s skillful scissors, combs and whatnot. The result was beyond my expectations. I’m going back in a few weeks to get a proper shave, to clean up the lines of my beard.

A straight razor is just about the scariest thing I know (Lament Configuration puzzle boxes with moving parts being number one, of course), and I would never consider using one myself, but I really look forward to such a close shave. I’ve only had one before, and in comparison with what I’m getting this time, the first time has to be considered a quickie. I expect to leave fully satisfied and with a smile plastered all over my face.

So. I like Barber & Books.

beardonaut doesn’t like:

I had some time to kill before my appointment, so I took the time to look around for some clothes. I tend to buy a lot of my clothes at skate shops and such, since I really like skateboard shoes, baggy pants, hoodies etc (if I could choose I would always wear my baggy denim shorts, my Painfield hoodie, and one of maybe four pairs of skate shoes).

The problem is that most people that skate (I don’t – I have the balance of twelve different sized and shaped boxes stacked) are two feet tall and weigh about as much as a piece of paper. I walked into two different places and went “Ooh! Aah!” at maybe six different pieces of clothing, which is highly unusual since I’m very picky. All of them turned out to be available only in sizes Small or Medium.

Not really sure how to sum up what I don’t like about that in a short sentence. You get the point.


Sunkmamman/Cupcakes said...

Jag har liknande problem, eftersom jag också gillar att klä mig i skejt(höhö)kläder. Men kanske främst att jag inte har en aning om var i stan man kan hitta butikerna. I gbg har jag stenkoll, men här är det rätt kört.. Tips?!

beardonaut said...

De uppenbara är ju Core på Gamla Brogatan och OneOff på Vasagatan, mittemot Burger King.

De jag var in på i veckan ligger vid Medis. En på Tjärhovsgatan, och den andra runt hörnet upp på Östgötagatan. Den andra var inte så stor dock. Sen finns det en stor i botten på Skrapan på Götgatan, och så Gulan vid Ringen vid Skanstull också. Känns dock som att du förmodligen har koll på de flesta av dem redan, eller?

Steelwheels said...

Jag var och klippte mig hos en snubbe som bara körde rakkniv över hela håret. Det kändes speciellt; som att stirra döden i vitögat.

beardonaut said...

Wow. Det hade jag nog inte vågat... Skrämmande saker, som sagt.